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Perfect World Chp. 1
Chapter 1—
"Aikagi, do you really think this is a good idea?" Alina asked her friend as they stared at the ruins of the old Hallow Bastion Castle.
"What are you scared of? Magic? Ghosts? Do you really believe in all that crap?" Aikagi said as she began to scale the fence.
"Well, if you say magic isn't real then how do you explain that keyblade on your back?" the dark-haired girl asked as she fiddled with her sleeve uncomfortably, looking side to side. People weren't allowed to go here anymore, since the unsafe structure was decaying. A group of kids a while back decided to be stupid and explore, and fell through the floors and impaled themselves on the broken ruins below...
"Pft, this thing?" she jerked her chin towards the skeleton-like keyblade on her back, that belonged to her grandfather, who'd been the previous keyblade wielder after some guy who's name stared with an 'S'. "It's not magical. Just a piece of junk. Worthless."
"Then why do you keep it?"
Aikagi didn't respond, a
:iconsantsuki:SanTsuki 5 10
Perfect World - prologue
A little girl sat crying alongside a small river. She cried, letting her tears join the river, disturbing the dark image of her reflection. Her family was dead. Killed by a gang. There was nothing left for her.  She cradled the small black gun in her hands. Even though she was only five years old, she knew what this little thing could do.
Her dark reflection quivered, drawing her attention to the water, and away from the small gun. Her reflection got darker and darker, until it was completely black, and the eyes glowed bright yellow. She set the gun down and reached out to touch it, and a small black hand reached out and grabbed her fingers. She gasped, but did not pull away. Slowly the small creature pulled itself from the water.  It carefully crawled into her lap. It was so tiny, she could hold it in one hand.
She pulled it up to her face to look into its golden eyes. It stared back into her green eyes.  The soaking creature then sneezed in her
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2008vs2009 by SanTsuki 2008vs2009 :iconsantsuki:SanTsuki 149 49 MUDKIP! by SanTsuki MUDKIP! :iconsantsuki:SanTsuki 89 28
Catnapped Chp 1
Chapter ONE
A loud boom echoed through the valleys and tall peaks that peppered the land, shaking birds from the branches of the vast, jungle-like forest. The Thundercats turned their heads to the southeast, having heard the loud noise well over the sound of the Thunder Tank.
"What on Third-Earth was that?" Panthro said.
"The lizards?" Tygra wondered aloud.
"But aren't we too far north?" Cheetara pointed out.
"Well, whatever it was we should keep moving," Lion-O said. He looked up at the darkening sky. "And we should probably find some shelter soon."
The temperature dropped quickly, and a steady rain started to fall, drenching everything quickly. Eventually, the cold air turned the rain into a mixture of sleet and snow, and the wet branches, along with the Thunder tank were quickly covered in ice. Cheetara took the shivering kittens and Snarf inside, taking shelter from the cold winds.
"The weather sure turned quickly…" Tygra muttered, wrapping a blanket around his shoulders and s
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Wolf Family sketch for TC by SanTsuki Wolf Family sketch for TC :iconsantsuki:SanTsuki 18 13 Hello there! by SanTsuki Hello there! :iconsantsuki:SanTsuki 15 3 Yachiru doodle by SanTsuki Yachiru doodle :iconsantsuki:SanTsuki 49 19 Cloupara - fightpose by SanTsuki Cloupara - fightpose :iconsantsuki:SanTsuki 84 26 SABIR by SanTsuki SABIR :iconsantsuki:SanTsuki 39 21 Cloupara fight pose by SanTsuki Cloupara fight pose :iconsantsuki:SanTsuki 34 10
Whats i gawts thats new


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United States
So, i'm probably not going onto dA pretty soon. Gonna systematically take everything down. I keep hearing too much shit that dA's been doing, and I just don't like it. I also HATE this new set up; it's confusing, busy, and I can't find anything that I like. so yeah. I'm open for random commissions if you find me on tumblr (yeah I like tumblr now...) don't expect a lot tho....
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Sorry, none of us admins actually get on dA anymore. This is the first time I've been on in like a year. Really hate to close the group down but it's also unfair for the followers if it's not updating. I'll discuss with my other admins what we will end up doing. So sorry for the trouble
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